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*Class Descriptions:

Our most popular classes, these classes combine tap and ballet to give your child a strong foundation in both styles of dance.

  • Tiny Stars 2-3 Year Olds: Learn to take turns, share, line up, listen to their teacher and follow directions in addition to their dancing. This is a great class for both those who have never attended preschool or those who are getting ready to attend preschool for the first time. Preschool students will also find this class helpful in developing these skills. Please see our Guidelines below.

  • Tiny Stars 3-4 Year Olds: Classes continue to advance your child's listening, sharing, following skills and motor development. New songs and steps are introduced as students are preparing to move to the 4-6 Year Old Classes. Please see our Guidelines below.

  • 4-6 Year Olds: Students are expected to focus and concentrate as their preschool dance games are left behind and more dance steps are introduced. Class is now 5 minutes longer and while still fun, the emphasis is truly on the improvement and advancement of dance skills.

  • 6-9 Year Olds: Students are further challenged as class is now a full hour. New steps are introduced and students are expected to perform on the stage without the assistance of a leader girl (someone to follow on the stage to remind them of their choreography).

Your child will learn rhythm, syncopation, and coordination all while making noise with his/her feet.

  • Mommy & Me - Toes & Taps: Sing and dance with your little one! Using props, songs, and imagination, experience your child's first dance class together. Parents will be dancing, too! Tap shoes recommended for children, but not required for parents. Boys and girls welcome.

Ballet is the foundation of all styles of dance and is essential for the serious student. Students learn posture, gain strength and conditioning all the while gaining poise and grace. Those enrolled in a full hour of ballet must abide by ballet dress code (black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, hair in a bun).

  • Princess Ballet: This magical class is for every little girl who dreams of becoming a princess! Using wands, wings, crowns, dress up and more, we learn the basics of ballet while dancing to our favorite princess songs.

This class is a combination of two of our popular classes. Students learn the basic steps and foundations in  both Jazz and Hip Hop.

Also some of our most popular classes, Hip Hop students dance to their favorite age appropriate radio songs and learn the latest popular moves. Suggestive and inappropriate material are not permitted in these classes.

Offered only to our boys and taught by a male instructor, your son can learn the latest in breakdancing moves. Safety is of the utmost importance in this class as breakdancing moves are broken down step by step by our instructors.

Also essential for the serious student, jazz classes teach flexibility, coordination, conditioning, muscle strength, turns, jumps, and kicks.

Lyrical & contemporary classes combine ballet, jazz, & modern dance styles to create emotional physical interpretations of songs. This class focuses on both technique and creative expression.

Children will sing, dance, and act in our theater productions performed at a local theater. Every child gets a part and everyone participates. Students interested in our theater program should always register early as waiting lists are common.

Your child will love this class where they learn the floor tricks of gymnastics! Cartwheels, somersaults, and trampoline are all used in this class. Older and advanced students are further pushed to learn handsprings, ariels, flips, etc.


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*Schedule and Registration

To register, please scroll through the schedule below and click on the "register" button next to the class you wish to enroll in. If you are a new student with us, you will be prompted to fill out the required registration information; if you are a returning student, pleas click on "Already a Customer? Click Here to log in." you will either be prompted to log in or be prompted to create a log in. For log in assistance, please contact the office!


New students will have a one time registration fee of $15.

New families will have a one time registration fee of $25.

2019-2020 Schedule

(August 2019- June 2020)



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*Tuition and Online Payments

To make Payments Online:



Monthly Rates for our Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 Season

1 Class per Week: $67        2 Classes per Week: $116       3 Classes per Week: $162

4 Classes per Week: $198        5 Classes per Week: $235

* A Sibling Discount of 10% is available*




A $10 late fee will be applied to all accounts not paid in full by the 15th of every month

(with the exception of those families enrolled in auto debit for the 15th of every month)


*New Student Sign Up Special*

Tap Shoes, Ballet Shoes, Leotard, and Tights for only $65!!! That's over 15% in savings!

(skirt not included)

Please see the front desk to place your orders!

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*Tiny Stars Guidelines

Welcome to our Tiny Stars Dance Classes here at Star Dance! We are very well known for our wonderful preschool dance classes and we hope your child will have a magical experience with us and continue to grow up dancing here at Star!

It is our expectation here at Star that your child will gain confidence, independence, poise and grace from our classes. At the tender ages of 2-4 it is UNREALISTIC to expect your child to master the material presented to her in class. Children in this age group simply do not have the capacity within their bodies yet, nor the coordination or attention span, to learn to be a prima ballerina or a Broadway tap dancer.

It is a realistic expectation that through the introduction of dance steps, learning dance vocabulary terms, and by watching a professional dance instructor demonstrate, your child will learn the fundamentals of dance, build a strong dance foundation, develop her gross and fine motor skills, learn body awareness, and gain coordination and flexibility, but not necessarily master all of the material she is introduced to during lessons.

It is also our expectation that your child will gain socialization skills and classroom skills that will help her become a well adjusted student beyond the dance room and into the school classroom. By taking direction from a teacher, sharing, taking turns and lining up, your child will gain socialization skills that will carry into her life beyond dancing.

Parent Observation
The only dance class in which parents are permitted to observe classes from inside the dance studio are the Mommy & Me parent participation classes. If your child has separation issues and is not ready to participate in dance class without a parent, we strongly suggest enrolling in Mommy & Me first until your child is ready to dance independently.

Commonly Asked Questions of New Preschool Dance Parents

  • What if my child is crying?
  • What if my child won’t let me leave the room?
  • What if my child is just standing there staring at the other girls?
  • My child is potty-training, is that going to be an issue?

A separation issue with parents for the first few classes with 2 year old dancers is COMPLETELY NORMAL. If your child cries, doesn’t want to mom or dad to leave the room, or simply observes the first few classes (meaning she observes the class without actually participating, just kind of stands there) this is ALL very normal behavior. I believe it can take up to 3 classes before a new 2 year old dancer is adjusted to her new setting. Remember that this is a completely brand new experience for your young dancer and can be overwhelming the first few lessons. Some dancers need a little time to adjust. But after the 3rd class, if a dancer still cannot participate independently, we recommend switching to a Mommy & Me class.

If your child is crying, please be advised that the instructor will let you know if she needs your help. Please do not enter the dance room to try to help your child. This will teach your child that if she cries she can get your attention and you will come into the room with her and is very distracting to the other dancers in the class. Sometimes a teacher only needs a few minutes to comfort your child and establish trust and your child will be fine. If your instructor needs your assistance after that time then she will come to you.

If your child is potty-training, or newly potty-trained, which is quite common at this age, please let your dance instructor know. For all of our Tiny Stars Dancers we recommend taking your child to the restroom before class starts to avoid class interruption and/or an accident. Accidents are also quite normal at this age, however, we do ask that if your child does have an accident during class time that you would please assist the teacher with clean up.

Attire and Footwear
Tap and ballet shoes are required of all our Tiny Stars Participants. PLEASE NOTE: Our lender shoes in the lobby are meant to be used for trial classes only. Proper footwear is required for class participation once a student is registered.

Tap shoes with laces should be double knotted and ballet shoes MUST have en elastic strap across the top to ensure the shoes stay on properly. Please also double knot the adjusted elastic string found on your child’s ballet shoes. If your child’s shoes do come untied, please do not interrupt class to fix her laces, her instructor will fix the shoe for your child.

Dancewear for your young dancer can be any color leotard, biketard, or leotard with attached skirt. Many children like to wear their previous dance recital costumes to class- that is fine too!

Behavior Problems
While these are very rare issues, it does happen from time to time that a child does not follow directions and becomes a distraction to her fellow dancers. If after several verbal attempts from the instructor the child does not obey, she may be asked to sit down by the mirror for 30 seconds until she is ready to listen. If her behavior continues she may then not receive a reward sticker or stamp. And finally, if the behavior continues, a teacher may send the dancer to her parents for either a short period or for the remainder of the class depending in the severity of the problem.

Here at Star Dance we believe you are never too young to make your stage debut! Our littlest dancers are always the hit of the show and always wear the cutest costumes! We have 2 dance recitals a year, a Holiday show in December and our Annual June show. Costumes must be ordered in advance, proper tights and footwear are required. All of our recital participants stay backstage with a class parent volunteer during the show while you and your family enjoy your child’s performance from the audience. Each class is required at one backstage volunteer per class, 2 volunteers for 2 year olds. Your child will receive a dance trophy during our Finale and will then be released to your family after the show.

Recital tickets can be purchased online from our website after our scheduled ticket release date. Tickets usually range between $12 and $20 depending on where in the theater you choose to sit.

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Required Dance Wear

Required Dance Wear Dancers work harder and stay more focused when properly dressed for class. The following is a list of what is required for the various styles of dance class:

Tiny Stars: Dancers may wear any color leotard and tights, tutus and skirts are optional. Proper foot attire is necessary, tap and ballet shoes MUST be worn by the 2nd week of class. Ballet shoes must have an elastic strap across the top of the foot to keep ballet shoes secure. Hair should be pulled back out of the dancers face.

Tap/Ballet Combo Classes: Please See Tiny Stars above

Ballet: Black leotard and pink tights are required. Ballet skirts are optional. Hair must be pulled back in a bun. Ballet shoes must have an elastic strap across the top of the foot to keep ballet shoes secure.

Tap: Dance pants, tank tops, leotards, dance shorts, leggings are permitted. No jeans allowed. Hair must be pulled back in a ponytail or bun and tap shoes must be worn.

Jazz & Lyrical: Dance pants, tank tops, leotards, dance shorts, leggings are permitted. No jeans or skirts allowed. Hair must be pulled back in a ponytail or bun. From age 6 up tan tights and dance shorts are preferred with tan slip on jazz shoes.

Hip Hop: Dance pants, tank tops, leotards, dance shorts, leggings and sweatpants are permitted. No jeans or skirts allowed. Clean tennis shoes are allowed, low top black converse style sneakers are preferred. Hair should be pulled back in a ponytail or bun.

Tumbling: Tumblers must have hair pulled back in a ponytail or bun and may tumble either barefoot or in socks. Dance pants, tank tops, leotards, dance shorts, biketards, leggings are permitted.

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